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Studio with Scobie (Scobie)

Handmade Galaxy Mobile Sculpture - Cool Design For Your Cool Home by Skysetter Mobiles |

If you are interested in designing, making, drawing, craft, sculpture, technology, working with your hands, eyes, and mind as an inventor, creator, artist, and engineer; if you want to make beautiful things, and learn what makes things beautiful…  Studio is the place for you.

I’ll be teaching three different terms of this class, and you can take just one term, or all three of them!

Designing, sculpting, drawing, and making things takes time, but if you’re like me, it’s time that is totally absorbing. If you have a really heavy schedule, you can minimize the work for this class….

However….I’ve listed this class as having significant outside work and there’s a special reason for that:

I’m really hoping to give you new things to do outside of class that feel GREAT to work on, that are really absorbing, that you’ll  want to spend time on. With all the time we spend at home these days, how about some new, challenging, and fun projects that are wonderfully distracting, meditative, and absorbing?

I don’t know what all the projects will be, but I CAN tell you about our first project, one I’m super excited about….

Our first project starts off as an electronics and maker project that will let you assemble, test, and calibrate your own miniature potter’s wheel. The you’ll turn some small corner of your room or your house or your porch into a tiny little pottery studio and make some beautiful objects. I’ll be picking up your work from the school when it’s dry and getting it fired into permanent pottery. Making pottery on a wheel is totally mesmerizing. For some of you, it can just be an exploration, or a chance to make some gifts. For others, it might become a lifetime passion!



Required texts/materials: The instructor will procure the texts/materials.

The Class to take if You Plan to Teach a Class This Year (Amy)

Hello Friends! One of the great things about PSCS is that as a student you can teach a class. There are a few things that you need to do if you want to teach a class. One is that you have to find a staff member willing to sponsor your class. The second thing you have to do is take this class BEFORE you can teach a class. Why you ask? Well there are things that we want to make sure you know about teaching a class as well as we want to help you design a class that will be engaging for other students. In this class you will be supported in creating a class ready to roll out in either Winter or Spring term. That’s right, by the end of this class you will already have your class pretty much ready to go. Even if you have already taught a class in the past we are asking that you still take this class as we will be working on new techniques like online instructional design. Teaching a class can be fun and rewarding and it takes some preparation. Ready to start designing your dream class for this school year? Take this class!