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Biology and Behavior of Dogs (Terri Silva, Mara Schormann)

Would you like to understand your best furrriend a little better?

Join Mara Schormann and Terri Silva to gain some insight into the brains and bodies of humanity’s most constant companion.

In this class, we will use the new book “Biology of Dogs from Gonads through Guts to Ganglia” by Tim Lewis phD to learn the basics of the Anatomy and Physiology of dogs (and, by the way, also us since we basically work the same!).

We will also learn how to better understand and communicate with our canine friends… and even our human friends (since we basically work the same!).

We will alternate weekly between biology and behavior.  Terri will take the lead for biology, and Mara will take the lead for behavior.

Required texts/materials: Biology of Dogs- Tim Lewis phD The instructor will procure the texts/materials.

Marine Biology (HS and MS sections) (hannah)

In this class, will study the science of the ocean and the organisms that inhabit it. Major concepts include interrelationship of marine and terrestrial environments, the geology of the oceans, marine organisms, and the ecology of coral reefs. Students will learn about the physical structure and chemistry of the ocean, the diversity of ocean life, marine ecology, and the scope and impact of human interactions with the oceans. This class will include some lab work, projects, and presentations.

There will be both a high school and middle school section of this class. When you create your priorities list, please indicate either HS or MS Marine Biology.