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Shop Life (Scobie)

If you like making things, fixing things,  and  being competent with tools, you should always take as much Shop Life as you can possibly get your hands on! Here’s what we’ll be doing:

  1. Learning about tools and the skills to use them effectively and safely.
  2. Working on improving, organizing, stocking, and cleaning our ever-developing shop.
  3. Contributing to the school and our larger community with fixes, furniture, and projects.
  4. Completing projects that result in gifts you can give to yourself or others.
  5. Possibly learning about our new CNC cutting machine, when to use it, and for what. (If you wish to use this aspect of the shop, please understand there may be significant outside-of-class work to learn about drawing and preparing cut files)Outside work is elective and almost entirely voluntary in this class, almost never assigned.

Graphic Design and Typography (Scobie)

Best Graphic Designers

Graphic Design is using, combining, and blending images and words to create messages, moods, and meanings.
Typography is a subset of graphic design that focuses on how individual letters, alphabets, and entire fonts are designed and used.


Come geek out with me about Helvetica and why it is both the best and worst typeface ever designed. Take walks to find and record examples of graphic design, and think about what’s good and bad about it. Collect images of graphic design from the web and other sources.  Try being a designer for a client. Design a logo. Design a poster that could change someone’s mind about something! Meet professional designers and learn about how they work.

  • There WILL be outside-of-class work, sometimes more, sometimes less, but if you like design, it should be mostly pretty fun. Still, learning real design is a time consuming process, so you’ll need to be willing to give some of your own time to it.
  • YES, I’m looking into getting us all access to professional design software at a very reasonable price.
  • There probably will be both individual and class projects for this class.

Podcasting & AV Club (con’t) (TSam)

Podcasting has now become one of the coolest ways to acquire information in the present, digital age. While traveling, exercising, or relaxing; your average person is usually tuned into their favorite show. Recently, the popularity of podcasts took to new heights with the deep interest in shows like True Crime, and other mystery-based, story-led programs. Whether you’re into listening to podcasts or always wanted to create your own, this is the class for you.

Also, this class will double as a space for our new starting Audio/Visual Club! The purpose of this club is to help create a new culture around filming our school events while keeping our audio (and other video effects) in great working order. This club will be a starting point for a permanent need in our community. We will learn/enhance our skills in camera work, audio sourcing, mixing, and making sure lighting and other visual needs are being met on a high level.

(Limited to 8 students, max)