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Cryptozoology (Taig/Quinn) (hannah)

Cryptozoology is the study of animals that hypothetically exist but have not been proven to be real at least to the white straight cis men who run the zoological field. This class will be talking about creatures that seem fantastical but could be real. Oftentimes these animals have not been taken seriously because indigenous people have reported them and not white people. A great example is an animal with two heads one on its chest that is half rabbit half deer with a long thick tail that stands like a human, a kangaroo.

There will be two main projects of this class both of which you will be taking a scientific approach upon even though you’ll be studying something fantastical. These projects will include creating your own realistic cryptid and how it would elude the greater zoological communities, the other project will be a research essay on a cryptid of your choosing. This will be all the homework for this class besides optional activities.

This will be a laid back class for a science credit which you will get easily if you try and be respectful. There will be games throughout making sure this is an active (non physical) course.

Oscar’s Guide to Everything (Oscar)

My name is Oscar, I like a lot of things!
Soccer, music, video games, food, movies/tv shows and most of all being funny and charismatic. In my 18 years of living I have accrued a lot of knowledge on the things I like. Before I graduate from this school I would love to impart some of this very useful knowledge to you.In this class each week will be spent learning as much as I can teach you about a different one of my passions.
If you want more knowledge on songwriting, sports or bits of pop culture I enjoy then this is the class for you.
Outside work: Occasional
Class max: 10
Mature Themes Necessary

Coding Games in Unity (Caden)

In this class, I’ll teach you how to make video games with Unity, a game engine that can be used to make 2D and 3D games on a lot of platforms, including computers and phones. I’ll show you the basic components, and then help you make any game you want to learn how to create.

Read Aloud (for the mini slot on Wednesdays) (Scobie)

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Join our cozy, funny, insightful read aloud to finish off your Wednesdays!

Junior Seminar (Scobie & Tim)

Required of all Juniors.

Senior Seminar

Required for all Seniors.

8th Grade Seminar (Sam)

Required of all 8th graders.

10th Grade Seminar (Liana)

Required for all 10th graders.