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Psychology (Sam)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

Psychology is a beginning study of the subject of psychology. We will analyze the behaviors and mental processes of human beings and animals. Students will be processing psychological facts, principles, and phenomena. Some of the topics we will cover are principles of learning, types of personality, understanding human behavior, patterns of behavior, emotional and behavioral adjustments, group influences, and psychology and society.

Class activities include:


Article Analysis


Case Studies 

Short Quizzes

About the instructor:

Debate (Sam)

How you see life and what you believe is always something to think about often. Some of it can lead to some of the biggest discussions that you could ever imagine. On the biggest stage, you will see two people lay it all out while vying to be the mayor of a large city or president of a country. For us, it’s those simple conversations that take place during downtime and lunch. There’s a science to being a great debater and listener. In this class, we will explore the many layers of quality debating and expand our ability to do so in a respectful, but engaging manner.

This class will take some deep thinking, courage, risk-taking, and a deep ability to listen while focusing our brain energy to shape our ways of thinking critically.