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AFI Films

In this class we will watch a selection of films from the American Film Institutes “Top 100 Films” list. We’ll talk about the film’s content as well as historical context, and we’ll decide if they truly belong in the rankings of the greatest films of all time. Have you read the word “films” enough yet? Films.

Twilight Zone

In this ongoing offering, we will study a different episode of the classic television phenomenon each week. This term, I plan on branching out slightly to other shows that make homage to the TZ, in addition to the classics we love. This one’s gonna be extra fun!

8th / 9th Grade Seminar

8th Graders will focus on the questions Who am I? How do I move through the world?

9th Graders will model the work learned in previous seminars as they take on leadership roles and the start of post-high school planning.

10th Grade Seminar

10th Graders will explore the question How am I connected to things greater than myself?

Duolingo & Study Hall (Sam) (Sam)

The ability to speak and communicate with others from various places on earth is something most people only dream about. There are over 300 languages and dialects spoken all over the world. You will embark or continue on your language journey using the website/app DUOLINGO. There will be time to practice both in class and in your spare time. You will be expected to practice and log your time every day/week.


Do you find yourself needing a place to get classwork done and don’t want to use open slots all the time? Well, I have a solution for you. You can come to my room, work quietly and get learning support all in one place. There will be a short check in about what you will work on during the slot and a quick check in to verify the work that you finished.


Note: If you are interested in both, please plan on rotating between Duolingo and Study Hall every other week or make plans accordingly.

Hindi Language and Culture

This class is an introduction to Hindi language and South Asian culture. Wasfee will be back to teach another year of Hindi!