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1…2…3….Español!  (Mara (student) and Veronica (parent))

Are you ready to go on an adventure to learn a new language and experience new culture?

Come and join us! We are Mara and Veronica. We are native Spanish speakers and we would love to share our culture and language with you. 

The class will be tailored to your level and interests. You will learn basic Spanish conversation skills while exploring a new culture, through hands-on activities, games, music and more….

Los esperamos! 


Duolingo World Language Class (Amy)

Do you need a World Language class? Are you motivated to work asynchronously approximately 20 minutes a day during the week? Do you want to choose what language you learn? Then this is the class to take. Students can either select to use the program Duolingo or provide their own program (must be approved) to study a language over the course of ten weeks. Students are expected to work at least 20 minutes a day five days a week to earn credit for this course.