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Food Bank (Chrissy)

This is a mega class.

Head down to the Rainier Valley Food Bank, help them unload and prepare several pallets’ worth of food to give to people who need it. Physical labor! Cool people! Max of 12 students

Desert Ecosystems (Chrissy)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

This will be the third ecosystem class installment that will focus on the earth’s deserts. In this class, students will focus on all types of desert ecosystems which make up around 1/5th of the total landmass of our earth. While students will study different kinds of deserts, one thing they all have in common is they are all arid or dry. That does not mean they are lifeless areas – on the contrary, deserts are home to vast numbers of plants, animals, and organisms.

Students will have weekly homework that will build their knowledge of these unique and sensitive ecosystems.

Antarctic Desert

Atacama Desert – Chile

Required texts/materials: The instructor will procure the texts/materials.

Choir! Choir! Choir! (Liana and Chrissy) (BLOCK)

This is a block class.

Love singing? Join us!

Don’t know if you are a singer but want to try it out? Join us!

All are welcome.

We will use popular songs from the Toronto based drop-in choir group Choir! Choir! Choir!

We are also hoping to open this up to the community as well and get more voices to come join us!

Chrissy and Shane’s Walk and Talk (Chrissy)

Back in the day I led a class called walk and talk and Shane always joined! In honor of Shane’s final term at PSCS – we are going to do a cafe walk and talk. Each week we will enjoy the hopefully nice spring weather walking to various cafe destinations. Students will be able to get a beverage if they like but we will enjoy them outside so as not to overwhelm the spaces. Join us for a walk and talk and beverage!

If you would like a beverage, you will be responsible for bringing your own money.

Handwriting and stuff! (Chrissy) (BLOCK)

This is a block class.

Note: This class is open to middle school students only.

Want to work on improving your handwriting and expand your vocabulary and spelling at the same time? Then this is the block for you! Each class we will most likely have stations that will include hand strengthening, letter practicing and repetition. While we work on improving our handwriting, we will also work on building vocabulary and spelling. For each class there will be 20 minutes of practice homework. Middle school only – if you are a high schooler and really want to join, talk to Chrissy.

Image result for handwriting

Required texts/materials: Can-Do Print The instructor will procure the texts/materials.

Sumi-e (Chrissy) (BLOCK)

This is a block class.

Sumi-e is the Japanese word for black ink painting. Emphasis is placed on the beauty of each individual stroke of the brush so students will need to be patient, focused and determined in this class. You will spend majority of each class working on one or two specific skills. Sumi-e artists learn to paint by copying the Old Masters’ paintings, stroke by stroke. We will spend time learning a new skill at the beginning of each class and spend time practicing that skill for the rest of the class. This class is designed to be a quiet learning space.

Required texts/materials: The instructor will procure the texts/materials.

Beginning Baking (Chrissy)

What do we love that involves baking? Uhhhhh everything! Bread, cookies, cakes, ya know… the good stuff! We are going to be learning the basics of baking in this class. We will build our skills in the kitchen: kitchen safety, measuring tools (and math! gasp), how to read recipes, cleaning up our messes etc. Since most baked goods require time in the oven, when we are done with our clean-up we will watch small parts of The Great British Baking Show. Max 4. If you were in previous Beginning Baking classes, please do not sticker the class this term.

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Young People’s History (cont.) (Chrissy)

Note: This class is open to middle school students only.

You know who you are! Continuation of the year long Young People’s History class.

Required texts/materials:

Hawaii (Chrissy)

While Hawaii isn’t a country, it once was a independent nation. For this term, we are shifting to a state that was once a kingdom instead of a country focus. Hawaii will wrap up the years focus on Oceania.

We will look at Hawaii’s early history, monarchy and it’s involuntary shift into US statehood. Students will have weekly reading and note taking. The text students will use will be a first person account from the last Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani: Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen. 

Like other country classes, the class will be made up of group discussion, lecture, film, geography, and music.

While this class is open to all, I would like middle school students to talk with Chrissy to see if it is the appropriate level for them.

Maui History Engraving American Boat Hawaiians in Canoe

Required texts/materials: Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen by Queen Liliuokalani The instructor will procure the texts/materials.