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Pie and Self Care (elizabeth ortega)

Autumn is a time to slow down, reflect, stay indoors and find calm. The leaves are changing, the days are darker and I think our spirits just as much as our bodies want to be warm and cozy.
Join this intensive if you need some tlc and to practice the art of slowing down and taking care of yourself. We are so much more able to show up as our best self when we are taking care of what we need to be well.
This intensive will be a journey of building mindfulness, awareness of ourselves and taking care of our hearts, minds and bodies.
Each day, the morning will be devoted to mediation, sitting in silence, journaling with writing prompts and sharing things we feel are inspiring or bring us joy. The afternoon will be spent reading, making art, watching a film, being creative and on 2 days we will make a pie to really get into the season of fall through baking.

We will get cozy in a room, make it beautiful and calm, drink warm beverages and practice being well by giving some things we love more time.


School Apothecary (elizabeth ortega)

A couple years ago, I ran an intensive and we started a natural remedy chest. We made all of the salves, sprays and remedies from scratch, had SO much fun doing it and learned a lot together. With this intensive I want to revamp the chest and make it into a fully functioning school Apothecary cabinet, where students can use the remedies when they need some extra support throughout their day.

One of my greatest passions is reconnecting with the earth and plants.  I believe the earth is full of healing for us humans. Plants teach us a lot about how to be healthy and happy if we learn how to work with it. There are thousands of herbs and plants that help us live with more ease, especially, when things get rough.

We will be making essential oil and plant based sprays, balms and salves in this class.

We will also be organizing what we already have and labeling and researching the remedies that we have and will be making.  

This will be a hands on intro class to understanding natural remedies and how they can support us in our daily lives. We’ll be focusing on plants that support anxiety, headaches, nausea, cramps and otherwise challenging feelings.

So, are you interested in learning more about natural remedies?!

Do you want to make some lovely products for yourself and/or others?

Do you want to take some field trips to apothecaries and natural healing places in Seattle?! 

Wear something you don’t mind getting oil on, or bring an apron. You’ll get to take home a bit of what we make in class!