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MS Literature – Maus II (hannah)

Note: This class is open to middle school students only.

The journey continues. Global Graphic Novels class read Maus I and this class is a continuation as we read the second book, which is largely about Vladek’s experience in Auschwitz during World War II. This class includes reading (alone and together), writing, discussion, and making art about the book. Some discussion will specifically connect to the current Palestinian genocide.

If you plan to take this class but haven’t already read Maus I, I suggest you do so before reading Maus II.

Danny Woo Community Garden (hannah)

Volunteering at Danny Woo! One of my fave things to do, especially in the Spring. In this class, we will head up to Danny Woo Gardens (once a week), and volunteer with the folks that run the garden. Tasks include weeding, planting flowers, sorting the compost, tending to the paths, feeding the chickens, and sometimes other fun projects like using a nail gun or decorating seed packets for the community. Open to all.

WORD (hannah)

Etymology: the study of the origin of words and the ways in which their meanings change throughout history.

This class is all about WORDs. It’s an etymology class! We will study the origins of lots of words and their historical, cultural, social, and etymological changes over time. We will play around with words by doing crosswords and other word puzzles. We will look up the meanings of words we really like! Multiple meanings! How words are employed and shifted in written work like POETRY. Learn new words! Learn some Latin and Greek because that’s where hella English words come from! Words from OTHER languages that ended up in our lexicon somehow!! What the heck does lexicon mean??? Take this class and find out! Gen Z uses words in a weird way – you probs have something to teach me. Like how “W” just means win now. Meaning is use. 


Dance and Sing (hannah)


My vision for this class is inspired by my weekly dance class, Dance Church, to which I am fervently dedicated aka obsessed. I want to put black out curtains on the windows in Cherry and get some vibey lights in there, and then DANCE AND SING.

The structure of Dance Church is free dance incorporated into structured coordinations and movements which are facilitated by a teacher. It’s very workout-y. The teacher is in the middle of everyone and there’s no “front” in the class. We follow the teacher but you can go at whatever intensity level you want. There’s no talking in the class but you can sing, whoop, grunt, cry – whatever you need to get out.

This is a workout and movement class. I am interested in beginning with the Dance Church structure and seeing how y’all vibe with it. We can collaborate on music choices. You will need to bring comfy clothes you can move freely in every week. This class will require openness, vulnerability, and the willingness to get to know your own body and self as a dancer. Open to all.

Can you find me in the pictures above?

Leadership (hannah)

Be a part of making change at school! We will spend time planning and facilitating our final Community Engagement Day in May, as well as envisioning and enacting other leadership opportunities for our sweet special school.

This class always includes leading “small” daily actions, like days of whimsey, the WePo, and trying to get more people to volunteer for kitchen more often. It also includes discussions about larger, systemic issues like offsite use and connection across grade levels.

This class will help you develop leadership skills including collaboration, communication, time and task management, negotiation, taking initiative, etc. Open to all.

Basketball with Charlie (hannah)

Hello PSCS students! Do you have a dream in your heart? Does passion flow through you blood? Does the spirit of competition call you to play? Come play basketball with Charlie and Hannah!

In this class we’ll go to the community center, learn, practice, and play basketball. It will be super fun time for any skill level. The goal is of this class is to lean a little more about the sport, get more comfortable with teamwork, and most importantly have fun playing sports.

Come play!

Chess Club (hannah)

More chess. It’s super fun, it’s chill, it’s competitive if you want. Learn chess. Playing makes you better. See realistic picture above of me teaching gus, henry t, henry b, and val how to play.

HS Literature – Middlesex (hannah)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

Middlesex is a Pulitzer Prize–winning novel by Jeffrey Eugenides published in 2002. Primarily a coming-of-age story (Bildungsroman) and family saga, the novel chronicles the effect of a mutated gene on three generations of a Greek family, causing momentous changes in the protagonist’s life. The protagonist is an intersex man of Greek descent. This book has received massive praise as well as harsh criticism.

Themes include gender identity, ancestry and heritage, the American Dream, and the differing experiences of what society constructs as dichotomies, specifically the gender binary. The novel contains many allusions to Greek mythology, including creatures such as the Minotaur, half-man and half-bull, and the Chimera, a monster composed of various animal parts.

This class will include discussion of the book, writing assignments, historical learning, and perhaps an art project. All of the reading will take place outside of class.

Philosophy (hannah)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

MORE. Last term, we covered language and meaning; culture wars and identity politics; cancel culture; and media literacy, especially in connection with Palestine and the upcoming election. We will begin where we left off.

High school only unless you talk to me. You do not have to be in the prior class to join.

Soccer (hannah)

You already know what it is. The beautiful game. Capped at 10 students.