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Under Cover in Echo Studio (Liana)

Inspired by the podcast that many of us listened to during fall term, we’ll be doing creative covers of tunes that you choose. We’ll find songs that have lyrics we are drawn to or tunes with a catchy riff that we want to repackage. We’ll experiment with changing the genre, or converting a happy/major song into a sullen, minor version; make a fast song into a slow jam… The possibilities are endless!

We won’t be reading (much) sheet music: using only simple chord/lyric sheets, we’ll workshop songs until we’ve come up with our own version(s).


We’ll record them in our very own Echo studio. By the end of the week, we should have a little collection of tunes in the spirit of Weezer’s Teal album: all covers, all imagined by you.

We’ll need creative musical souls who are competent enough on their instrument(s) to help move the process along. We’ll also need a few audio engineers to record & mix our masterpieces. I’d be open to having a photo/video team document the process as well, if there is interest in that. Some experience will be helpful with the technical jobs, but there will also be time for you to learn on the job if you are the kind of person who can hunker down with the internet and teach yourself stuff with only small amounts of guidance.

Numbers: I’d like to keep the band(s) small to encourage efficiency. If there is enough interest, we can split into 2 groups.

Questions? Come ask!

Beginning Band (Liana)

  • Are you interested in learning an instrument but unsure where to start? 
  • Do you want to add an additional instrument to your toolbox? 
  • Did you play when you were younger but haven’t in a while? 
  • Are you still pretty new to it and looking for some additional experience? (I’m looking at you, Mishmash!)
  • Feeling nervous about how to get started?

This is a great place to jump in!

I’ll probably run it elementary band style, with everyone learning similar things alongside each other and playing as part of a larger full ensemble. We’ll have breakout sessions for sections, as well as some individual practice time built into our days.

If you need help procuring an instrument, let me know — I can probably help!

In addition to playing, we’ll do other music-related things: music theory, listening, and perhaps some musical documentary/movie watching.