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Food Bank (Chrissy)

This is a mega class.

Head down to the Rainier Valley Food Bank, help them unload and prepare several pallets’ worth of food to give to people who need it. Physical labor! Cool people! Max of 12 students

Typography & Design (Scobie)

This is a mega class.

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

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What makes the design of letters beautiful? Useful? Boring? Exciting? Readable? Attractive? What would it mean for letters to be efficient? What is the relationship between letters and logos? Why are certain letterforms used for certain messages?

This Megaslot course will be a 7-session deep dive into the topic of typography and its role in communicating information through design. We’ll take walks to look at typography in the world, watch a documentary about one of the most powerful typefaces ever designed, learn about the language and history of letterforms, practice designing letters from scratch, and even take a first stab at designing your own font. This class is intended to be at the pre-college level, so I’m restricting it to high schoolers only. Don’t worry, I’m happy to teach it again.


Workout and Climb (elizabeth)

This is a mega class.

The focus of this class will be both working out/strength building and improving your climbing skills. You don’t need to be a certain physical fitness level but you do need to be willing to work hard, sweat and improve your endurance and abilities from where you began.

It will feel hard at times and I’d like you to be excited about growing thorough your physical strength and endurance ability.

This class can accommodate a max of 10 people.

We will be climbing 6 times over the term (due to no school days)

Here are your options:

  • SBP punch card at 10 punches for $125
  • $14 cash each Friday
  • or a monthly climbing pass at $62 a month.

Please talk to Admin staff if this creates financial hardship for your family — we can help

Art & Aesthetics (Sam)

This is a mega class.

One of the many forms of expression, Art, is expressed in so many mediums. In this class, I want to explore the idea of what makes something Art. How do we look at different pieces and express the deeper meaning behind them? Let get into great conversations about the things we experience and do some creating of our own.