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MS Human Anatomy and Physiology (hannah)

Note: This class is open to middle school students only.

Human Anatomy and Physiology explores the inner workings of the human body. Anatomy! From the Greek word anatome meaning “dissection.” In this class, you will learn about the body and its systems of organization, as well as the cooperation required between those systems. 

Topics will include tissues, blood, and ALL THE SYSTEMS: cardiovascular, skeletal, digestive, nervous, and reproductive. Students will dissect, observe, and have hands-on experience seeing what these systems look like in an actual specimen (of animal, probably a rat). This class will also include some lessons on nutrition and how to keep our bodies healthy.

World Literature – Persepolis (MS only) (hannah)

Note: This class is open to middle school students only.

Persepolis is a graphic novel memoir by Marjane Satrapi. 10-year-old Marji narrates the story, sharing her experiences of a changing political, social, and cultural landscape in Iran during and after the Islamic Revolution.

Marji discusses how her family’s secular ideas and background exposed her to different political thoughts, ideologies, and philosophies. The ideas she learns at home often clash with what is being taught at school, which confuses Marji and leaves her wondering about where she stands and her future. 

In this class, we will read the book together, discuss, and practice analytical writing. We will examine the genre of graphic novel memoir. We will study the history of Iran and the Islamic Revolution, making connections to the current state of revolution happening in Iran right now. The class will culminate by watching the excellent film adaptation of the graphic novel.

Sex Ed and Health (Year long) (MS) (elizabeth ortega)

Note: This class is open to middle school students only.

We will work to create a space where you can learn relevant information about sexual and relational health. Talking about sex and our bodies openly and honestly can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. It can also be enlightening, informative, and exciting!

This class will be a place to build confidence and friendly curiosity, rather than shame and judgment. Cultivating a relationship with one’s sexuality and body is a journey – and it’s better if you feel informed and aware along the way.

We will utilize the book: You Know, Sex: Bodies, Gender, Puberty, and Other Things by Cory Silverberg

“Racially and ethnically diverse, inclusive of cross-disability experience, this is a book for every kind of young person and every kind of family…You Know, Sex is the first thoroughly modern sex ed book for every body navigating puberty and adolescence, essential for kids, everyone who knows a kid, and anyone who has ever been a kid.”

Please reach out if you have any questions about the content of this class!