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Photography (Amy) (Amy)

In this course, you will create images, share your thinking behind your images, and discuss the images of others.

Photography can be a tool to express any idea and it can take on many styles: documentary, artistic, commercial, snapshots to capture memories and events, and more.  Whatever your interest within photography, this will be a space where you can create and share your thoughts and images.

We will spend some time talking about what makes for a “good” photograph, as well as learn some techniques for creating photos that engage the viewer.  Throughout the term we will learn about the fundamental elements of photography and put our learning to use while capturing images based on themes.

Requirements of the class will include taking photos, writing/speaking about the photos with other members of the class, and providing feedback about our peers’ work.

The focus of this class is NOT digital editing, but may include individual exploration of editing software.

Required texts/materials: Access to either a digital camera or cell phone with camera capabilities. Students will be responsible for obtaining their own texts/materials. Materials should be procured by: before second class meeting

First Aid and CPR (Amy) (Amy)

This course will cover basic first aid, as well as teach you how and when to perform CPR and use an AED.

Coursework will include some reading, writing, and hands-on learning.  We may also be joined by guests with first-hand medical knowledge.

Ideally, none of us will ever need to use these skills, but by gaining confidence and skills, we may be more willing to step in to an emergency, should it arise.

Did you know that the majority of cardiac arrests occur at home?  The skills that we learn will most likely be put to use with members of our own family.

Join us once a week to have a good time learning life-saving techniques!

Trivia! (Amy) (Amy)

This one is for the trivia buffs out there!..or even those who simply enjoy learning and sharing facts.

In this class, we will explore various types of trivia, play trivia together, and develop our own trivia to share with others.

Is there a topic that you already know a lot about?  Perhaps there is a topic you’d love to explore?  Or, are you a person who knows a little bit about everything?  Come join us to literally turn learning into a game!

Crochet (Amy) (Amy)

Whether you have been crocheting for years or you’ve never picked up a hook, this elective is for you.

In this class we will learn/review the basic stitches of crochet, how to read a crochet pattern, and how to choose the best yarn for our projects.

Students will get to create a project of their choosing based on skill and comfort level.  Are you gearing up for winter and want to make a hat or scarf?  Feeling ambitious and want to make an afghan?  Or, maybe you want to create three-dimensional pieces like stuffed animals.  This is the place to be for any of those goals.

I have crocheted for much of my life and find it extremely relaxing.  Additionally, it allows me to be creative, and incorporate math in artistic ways.  Join us to find what gets you “hooked” on crochet!

Required texts/materials: Materials may include desired yarn for projects, although yarn for practicing will be provided.  Some crochet hooks will be available, but students may wish to purchase their own hook(s). Students will be responsible for obtaining their own texts/materials. Materials should be procured by: Not immediately - as needed through the term

Self-Care and Stress Management (Amy) (Amy)

In this class, students will learn some of the brain science behind stress, as well as strategies for managing stress.  Each week we will focus on a new strategy for self-care, and we will practice it in class.

Recognizing where stress and emotions live in our body can provide us a signal that we need to slow down.  Reflective practices will be a part of this class, and will take the forms of journaling and sharing our thoughts with others.