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International Economics (MS/HS) (2 Terms) (TSam)

This class aims to provide students with functional knowledge of economics, so they may become informed consumers, producers, and citizens in today’s world. Economics is the study of how individuals, businesses, and governments make decisions about the use of scarce resources in a world of unlimited wants and needs. This is done at both the microeconomic level and the macroeconomic level, both of which will be examined in detail. At the microeconomic level, students will investigate the smaller units of the economy and individual firms and markets. In macroeconomics, students will study the global economy and economics of nations and governments as they attempt to foster growth and stability. The course is useful in helping students acquire many life skills, including personal financial literacy, and in establishing a foundation for a more advanced study of economics.




About the instructor:

Just Draw, Art History (MS/HS) (TSam)

What is art? Is Art truly the expression of one’s true self?

This class is a space for art enthusiasts to come together and have a space to create. Art is an ever-important element in the nature of who people are and how stories are shaped through inspiration and imagination. We will meet as a class and discuss trends in art (Past and present) while using the space to expand on our artistic interpretations. Each day will be filled with creative energy and we will have a share out to celebrate your work.


Cinema (HS Only) (Year long) (TSam)

The film industry has been a constant element that was created to express the ideas of others. Through film, we can see deep ideas from people whose expressions can capture moments from the past looking into the future. While it’s hard to see every film that has ever been made, we can center ourselves around so many elements of several movies and experience a connection that surpasses both time and space. In the class, we will participate in watching films from a large number of different styles and use those moments to expand our knowledge of these amazing selections of work. There will be in-class discussions along with essay writing (group project) to help us convey our thoughts and stretch our thinking.


Mature Themes: Words and images can be inappropriate for some students.


*Podcasting/AV Club (MS/HS) (Year long) (TSam)

Podcasting has now become one of the coolest ways to acquire information in the present, digital age. While traveling, exercising, or relaxing; your average person is usually tuned into their favorite show. Recently, the popularity of podcasts took to new heights with the deep interest in shows like True Crime, and other mystery-based, story-led programs. Whether you’re into listening to podcasts or always wanted to create your own, this Is the class for you. 

Also, this class will double as a space for our new starting Audio/Visual Club! The purpose of this club is to help create a new culture around filming our school events while keeping our audio (and other video effects) in great working order. This club will be a starting point for a permanent need in our community. We will learn/enhance our skills in camera work, audio sourcing, mixing, and making sure lighting and other visual needs are being met on a high level.


 (Limited to 8 students, max)




World History, Heroes & Lesser Known Events (HS Only) (TSam)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

World History is a subject that explores the key events and global historical developments since the 1200s that have shaped the world we live in today. The scope of Modern World History provides the latitude to range widely across all aspects of human experience: economics, science, religion, philosophy, politics & law, military conflict, literature & the arts. The class will illuminate connections between our lives and those of our ancestors around the world. We will also analyze people, groups, and important figures who have not been credited in history.

We will uncover patterns of behavior, identify historical trends and themes, explore historical movements and concepts, and test theories. Students will refine their ability to read for comprehension and critical analysis; summarize, categorize, compare, and evaluate information; write clearly and convincingly; express facts and opinions orally, and use technology appropriately to present information.


Indigenous Civilizations of the World (MS/HS) (TSam)

Often when we look at where people come from, we barely go back to a couple of generations. In that, we lose out on some much valuable information and key people who shaped us into who we are today. As a multicultural person, my family often struggles to have accurate updates on our family tree and other important figures in our complicated history.

This class will center on important developments, issues, accomplishments, and problems of World civilizations (pre-colonization),  including the study of African, Asian, European, Islamic, Native American, and Latin American civilizations, and discusses the relationships among these civilizations to the present day.




The Art of Storytelling, Story Sharing & Short Story Writing (MS/HS) (TSam)

I love a good story! It becomes an even better story when someone is able to tell it with so much energy and connection to their audience. 

This class will center around the idea of storytelling. We will take deeper dives into several places in our life that have been interesting (happy, sad, funny, shocking, unbelievable) and turn those experiences into amazing works of literature. We will take part in elements of story building that are from prompts, analyze other great stories and their great elements, research and learning techniques for when you get stuck.

Come join us, if you have a passion for creative writing, storytelling, and a thirst for building upon some ideas you’ve been holding onto for some time. 

Wo Pop (MS/HS) (TSam)

Do you ever wonder what music is like in other parts of the world? Being a HUGE music lover, I often find myself wondering about that very thing. Often I find myself going on Spotify and seeing what’s available in many parts of the world.

We will explore music in a variety of ways and find out what makes music so popular in different cultures. We will look for commonalities and differences in sounds and lyrics, and learn about the relationship music holds with that particular culture. Who knows? Maybe we will discover where some of the sounds in America originated from!!!

Note: Headphones and a music account (Spotify) are required!

Mature Themes –  Lyrics in songs can use language not appropriate for all students.

African American Poetry (MS/HS ) (2 Terms) (TSam)

Poetry is one of the greatest written expressions known to humans since its inception. The literary form is one of the many ways African Americans have been able to express themselves in a way that helps others to understand the tragedy and triumphs that have been a part of their journey since the early days of writing. In the present day, poetic forms have been at the forefront of almost all literary circles and major spaces of thought in all areas of the world.

In this class, we will analyze the major poetic voices that have shaped African American culture, while understanding the deeper meanings behind s key terms and ideas from these literary giants. Also, we will form small literature groups to understand other works and develop our own poetry.