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Old Time Radio (Dan Gillmore)

After the printing press, radio was the next great revelation of communication. One of radio’s best uses was sharing stories, presented by actors and talented producers of sound and editing.
In this class we will occasionally read a source text before class, and in class we will create art while we listen to a performance from the golden age of radio. Written/and or digital copies of each story will be provided to the students to read before each class.

Twilight Zone (Dan Gillmore)

We will watch a selection of episodes from the classic anthology series from 1959 and beyond, followed by a conversation about the themes and deeper meanings behind each episode. The show often features stories that fall into genre categories such as sci-fi, western, and horror.

Play Production (Maggie)

Are you interested in putting on a play this fall? Sign up and we’ll plan a production based on who’s interested. To be performed on stage this year.

Songwriting! (McKenzie Burkard)

Whether you’re completely new to songwriting or it’s been your passion for years (or if you’re anywhere in between), this class is for you! We’ll explore reasons for songwriting, approaches/styles, key terms, techniques, and have plenty of opportunities to write + share! This will be a great opportunity to build a songwriting community and connect through music and collaboration. As someone who started songwriting in middle school, I have used this practice throughout my life and I’m passionate about the reflective, creative, and fun nature of crafting songs. I’m excited to pass on some of my own approaches and learn with and from you all about other ways of lyric creation! In this class, understanding that there is no one way to learn or teach songwriting, we’ll all work to find our songwriting fit – discovering our writing motivations and interests along the way


About the instructor: I've been an administrative intern at PSCS since the start of Winter Term this school year! I'm an English major (Education minor) in my third year at UW and songwriting is a huge passion of mine :)

Hindi Language & South Asian Culture (Wasfee Vazir)

Did you know that Hindi is the third most spoken language in the world? It is amongst the fastest growing languages spoken in America and around the world. 

Through this fun and interactive course, students will learn conversational Hindi. South Asian music, art, dance, and theatre will serve as a backdrop for this course ensuring high energy.  

Salient topics:  

  • Learn to write your name and age: Introduction to written Hindi using the Devanagari script. Students will be introduced to the alphabet and numbers in Hindi with the goal that they are able to write their names and age in Hindi! 
  • Tour South Asian cultures: Immersive walkthrough of the various festivals, holidays, and cultural etiquette specific to the South Asian culture. 
  • Welcome Spring! Use this period of transition from winter into Spring to learn about expressing the surroundings in this season. 

Course Experience: 

  • Use of arts and craft: South Asian art and craft themed activities including Warli Art, Indian block printing, clay pottery art and Rangoli designs allowing students to express words, characters, phrases, or simple sentences in Hindi. 
  • Theater and drama: We will also work on a Spring celebration play for the students to participate and speak in Hindi language while learning about the Spring festival of colors from South Asia called Holi.
  • Dance and Music: There will also be a Bollywood dance workshop to experience how this language is used in Indian cinema now famous around the world. Contextual relevance: We leverage books in Hindi written by South Asian authors – many of them based in the US. Some of these will also have English transliterated Hindi to give the student’s independence to read in Hindi using English script.
  • Digital learning support: The course will also utilize interactive apps in Hindi like Shoonya Kids and Duolingo to facilitate continuous learning for children at different levels of proficiency. 

This course will enable PSCS students to reach novice level proficiency across communications,  culture, connections, comparisons and communities.