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Natural Latin II (Michael J. Coffey)

We continue where we left of in Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata: Familia Romana and extend our understanding of Latin.  In villa Iulii, Iulia plorat et Marcus ridet.  Aemilia irata est.  Iulius et servi ad villam venit.  

In this term we’ll finally see the rest of the possible cases that Latin has to offer.  We’ll learn how to talk about kissing, and about buying and selling things.  We’ll differentiate between ‘this’ and ‘that.’  And we’ll find out where that dastardly Medus went and why he stole nummi Iulii.

As with Natural Latin I, you will be expected to do some daily practice with your Anki flash cards between sessions.  Prerequisite:  Natural Latin I.

Buying a copy of the book is optional, but previous students have found it helpful.

About the instructor: Michael Coffey magnus magister est.

What Are We Fighting For? Part 2 (Larry Metzger)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

What Are We Fighting For? Part 2


This class is open only to those students who took my winter term class, “What Are We Fighting For: The Vietnam War.”


During the winter term we saw how, over a period of twenty years, the United States became increasingly involved in Vietnam, until 1965, when President Lyndon Johnson sent combat troops to that country in an effort to defeat the Vietcong and their North Vietnamese allies. This term we will study that war (called American War by the Vietnamese) and its aftermath. How did the United States, its allies, and its enemies fight that war? Why did Americans inflict so much violence against Vietnamese civilians? To what extent did that violence constitute war crimes? How does the violence and brutality of such wars affect the soldiers who fight in them? Why did the United States lose? What were the legacies and lessons of the Vietnam War?


There will be two required books for the course, The Lessons of the Vietnam War, edited by Jerold Starr (which you already have) and If I Die in a Combat Zone, a memoir of Tim O’Brien’s time in Vietnam. Both new and used editions of If I Die in a Combat Zone can be purchased online from Powell’s Books in Portland, Amazon.com, and Elliott Bay Book Company. Assume that it will take about 5 days for the book to be delivered after you have ordered it. I’ve listed a price range (rather than a single price) for If I Die in A Combat Zone, because the prices of used copies can vary significantly.

About the instructor: I am a retired history teacher who has been volunteering at PSCS for four years. I keep coming back because the wonderful students and staff make being at PSCS so much fun. When I am not at PSCS I can be found spending time with my beloved wife and my delightfully crazy dog; reading; hiking; snowshoeing; and attending theater, ballet, concerts, and opera.

Required texts/materials:

  1. The Lessons of the Vietnam War, edited by Jerold Starr (which students already have)
  2. If I Die in A Combat Zone, by Tim O'Brien (which students will have to purchase)
Students will be responsible for obtaining their own texts/materials. Materials should be procured by: April 15

Bridge (Jack & Vince)

This class will be pretty self-explanatory. We will convene once a week to play the wonderful game of Bridge. Please have a basic understanding of the game — knowing some conventions may be useful, but we will use flowcharts to remind ourselves.

Soccer in the Gym (Olivia & Bryce)

Get your game on in the gym. Maximum 14 students.

Volleyball (Olivia & Shane)

We’re all getting pretty good these days, don’t you think?

Machine Learning Study Group (Vince & Jack)

This class will take the form of a study group more than a facilitated class. For homework, we will watch videos from one of these courses. When we meet in class we will either continue to watch/discuss the videos or work on machine learning problems as a group. We are in no way experts in this field, so most of the problem solving/instruction in this class will come from the online course.

Python is the preferred program language of machine learning. The course we will be following is solely in Python. Additionally, understanding machine learning inherently requires some mathematical and algebraic proficiency. If you feel comfortable doing Algebra I, you know probably know enough to get by.

If you are unsure if you meet these prerequisites, please inquire to either of us.

Pro Wrestling (Ian)

NOTE: This is a second term of Professional Wrestling: The Class. You don’t have to have been a member of last term’s class in order to join and you don’t have to sticker it if you did last term.


Professional wrestling is an artform. Yeah, I know.


In this class, we will investigate the history and the unique storytelling potential of the medium of professional wrestling, long thought of by the consensus of television and art critics as nothing more than a bloodsport for meatheads. From high flying maneuvers to careful, methodical rest holds, a match in a repurposed boxing ring can make a story all but unknowable to the untrained eye.


I’m here to teach it. I’ve been watching wrestling since a young age. I went to New Orleans so I could watch Wrestlemania and witness the re-debut of Aberdeen’s own Daniel Bryan, after meeting him and getting him to sign his book. My brother used to work for WWE and got me in whenever WWE was in town. I am dedicated to teaching you the best thing ever, which is wrestling.


In PW:TC, which our official acronym is, we’ll be learning about the terminology of wrestling, the ins-and-out of a pro wrestling match, the wildest wrestling moves, and, most importantly, the stories told inside and outside the ring. While wrestling can be crude, violent, and dangerous, there is no doubt that when wrestling is good, it’s really dang good. Of course, when it sucks, it sucks bad, but that’s half the fun. Here, there is one rule and one rule only: Wrestling is real.


I invite you to join me on this quest through the mythos of professional wrestling, whether you’re a diehard fan, someone interested in the athleticism or story, or simply want to watch some people bodyslam each other. This class has something for everyone.

NOTE: Professional wrestling has its litany of bloody moments and the occasional swearing. While I’ll try to keep this stuff to a minimum and only when necessary to teach about pro wrestling, it’s going to be pretty hard for me to remove it completely. Therefore, this class has been pitched as mature themes.

Nihon (Red)

Japan, land of the rising sun!!! A beautiful place with so much history, tradition, and culture. In this class, you will learn about Japan in a whole new way.  Lessons will be fun and interactive with an emphasis on both traditional and pop culture. You also will have the chance at hands-on activities as well as learning the language in a unique way.


Required texts/materials: Pencil, Notebook, Device (Laptop, Ipad) Students will be responsible for obtaining their own texts/materials. Materials should be procured by: