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Adulting 101: Things You Should Know (Sean K Reynolds)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

You’re getting ready to enter the world as an adult. There are things you can learn right now that’ll make being an adult easier for you and for the important and prominent people in your life (parents, siblings, guardians, new college roommates, significant others, and so on). Not only will this directly help your day-to-day living, it’ll show other people that you’re a capable and considerate person—not a goofball who is stumbling through life making awkward, insensitive, stinky, or even hurtful mistakes.

This Adulting class covers basic cooking skills, making friends in a new place, tips for job interviews, booking plane tickets, jump-starting a car, using a toolkit and power tools, setting boundaries with roommates, changing a flat tire, what to do when you get sick, filling out a basic tax form, dating, de-escalating personal conflicts, how credit cards work, and a whole lot more.

Some of those things sound really boring. They are really boring. But knowing how to do them means fewer arguments at home, more cash in your pocket, and not smelling like garbage, which I we can all agree are positive things.

About the instructor: I'm a professional game designer, trained chemist, amateur artist, decent cook, former resident advisor for a college dorm, jack-of-all-trades, and a very chatty extrovert. I've moved cross-country nine times, have accumulated a lot of life experience, and I want to give you a head start on knowing how to deal with life outside of high school.

Let’s Talk Personality with The Enneagram (Kirsten Harrison & Mallory Harrison)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

Don’t let this big word scare you off! It’s pronounced ANY-a-gram.  It’s an ancient personality tool that describes nine basic ways of seeing the world.

Not everyone sees the world in the same way. That’s a GOOD thing. And yet, it can baffling and frustrating sometimes, too.

I (Kirsten) first heard of the Enneagram about 3 years ago and have been fascinated by how it has helped me grow in self-awareness and in understanding of the people around me.

I (Mallory) see this not as a way to put people in boxes, but as a way for us to empathize and be kind to each other.

The Enneagram is NOT:

An excuse for bad behavior.
The answer to all the problems we face.
A way to label others.

It is one tool that you may find useful to have as you navigate life in community with others.

While there are tests available that may help you find “your number,” most enneagram teachers say the best way to understand which way you see the world is to learn about the nine types and see which seems to describe you. We may take the test at some point, because it’s FUN and can provide you with clues.


There are so many excellent personality inventories. Why the Enneagram? 

That’s right! Personality is fascinating, and there are lots of great systems. Here’s why the Enneagram is my fave (Kirsten):

It’s tells me the things I don’t want to hear, but need to. Only hearing about my strengths is awesome, but hearing about my blind spots helps me grow.

It is about MOTIVATION, rather than behavior. When you know why someone you are close to behaves a certain way, it can help you see a bigger picture that can help provide context.




About the instructor: I'm Mallory's mom, and mom to her older siblings Kayti and Ryan. Hospitality and presence are important to me. I'm an Enneagram 2.

Required texts/materials: The Enneagram Made Easy The instructor will procure the texts/materials.