Evolution of Hip Hop (Sam)

During the 1970s, an urban movement began in the Bronx, New York. This was the birth of my favorite genre, Hip Hop. In its early beginnings, MC’s would drop thought moving lyrics over fresh beats delivered by the DJ! 

During this intensive, we will listen to the music of this amazing genre, have discussions, watch documentaries/videos and talk about where Seattle lands in all of this. As an added feature, I’ll DJ sets live throughout the week.



Mature themes: Some of the lyrics can contain adult language. 

Required Materials: Computer with headphones, Notebook, and pencil

No outside work!


Cost $10





Seven Arts (Sam)

The Arts! One of the things that most people can find a connection to at almost any point. 

When you think about the Seven Arts, you will find some of the elements to contain Architecture, Astronomy,  Sculpting, Painting, Music, Poetry, and Film. My curiosity keeps growing from many of these expressions of creativity on a daily basis. 

We will dive into a deeper understanding of these styles and produce personal work of our own while studying many people who have come before us. Also, we will take the time to seek out things in our community that will help us understand deeper meaning of these art forms. With a calm, concentrated focus, the results will a beautiful masterpiece!

Cost $25

No outside work!

Required Materials: Computer with headphones, Sketchbook, mechanical pencils, coloring pencils


Pie and Self Care (elizabeth ortega)

Autumn is a time to slow down, reflect, stay indoors and find calm. The leaves are changing, the days are darker and I think our spirits just as much as our bodies want to be warm and cozy.
Join this intensive if you need some tlc and to practice the art of slowing down and taking care of yourself. We are so much more able to show up as our best self when we are taking care of what we need to be well.
This intensive will be a journey of building mindfulness, awareness of ourselves and taking care of our hearts, minds and bodies.
Each day, the morning will be devoted to mediation, sitting in silence, journaling with writing prompts and sharing things we feel are inspiring or bring us joy. The afternoon will be spent reading, making art, watching a film, being creative and on 2 days we will make a pie to really get into the season of fall through baking.

We will get cozy in a room, make it beautiful and calm, drink warm beverages and practice being well by giving some things we love more time.


Tech Tours (Scobie)

Image result for technical aircraft wingImage result for product designImage result for biological researchImage result for locomotive engine maintenanceImage result for electrical gridImage result for biotech lab research

Seattle is a hotbed of technical, product design, artistic, and scientific innovation, and a place that sustains and maintains existing light and heavy industry. I’ll leverage my many Seattle contacts, earned over decades of living, designing, and working in Seattle, along with cold-calling cool places, to offer a week of insider tech/science/industry tours, likely including:

  • medical research & technology
  • aviation technology/air traffic control
  • product design
  • environmentally progressive technology
  • engineering research
  • construction and architecture
  • yet to be discovered options

Yes, we might go to a couple of museums, but only if I can get an insider contact or a guest speaker who can give us more than the average information and access. Emphasis will be what it is like to work in these environments, with discussion about what forces are driving innovation.

IMPORTANT: How much time we spend traveling will depend on how many drivers I can find to help us. Regardless, you’ll need to be prepared to ride public transit a lot during the intensives week.

We’ll spend some of our down time studying up on issues related to what/who we’re going to see next so that we can have better conversations with our contacts when we arrive.


Comic Books and Film Adaptations (Chrissy)

Are you a comic book fan? Do you enjoy film adaptations of those comic stories? Perhaps you don’t know anything about comics but you are interested in learning! All are welcome.

The mornings will include time for going to the library to explore comics, reading comics, going to a comic book store to explore, learning about the history/evolution of comics, and possibly even working on creating your own comic (depending on our groups interests).

The afternoons will include watching film adaptations of various comics and time to discuss the films.

Some of the questions that may be discussed:

  • Why are comics such a part of mainstream culture?
  • How has representation of people of color, gender identities and subject matter shifted over time (has it?)?
  • How has the artwork changed? Why?

There will be times where students will work independently and will need to maintain focus.


Light Design (Scobie)

Related imageImage result for natural lamp design

Light can transforma a work space, a room, a corner, a table

In this intensive, we will:

  • learn about and experiment with light, reflection, shadow-casting, translucence, light color and ‘temperature’, etc.
  • learn about wiring light fixtures and different electrical light sources
  • take short field trips to see examples of lamp and light designs
  • work on a group lighting project

You will:

  • design and prototype (build a practice version of) at least three of your own lamps: a wall light (sconce), a ceiling light (pendant), and a table or desk light (lamp)
  • build a fully finished version of at least one of your designs

Things to consider

  • if you like the idea of having one or more really beautiful gifts to give yourself or the school, or someone else at the end of the fall intensive week, this might be the right choice for you
  • this intensive is a chance to do very organic work or very technical/mathematical/geometric design work, or both.


Image result for light designImage result for light designImage result for modern sconce designImage result for light design

School Apothecary (elizabeth ortega)

A couple years ago, I ran an intensive and we started a natural remedy chest. We made all of the salves, sprays and remedies from scratch, had SO much fun doing it and learned a lot together. With this intensive I want to revamp the chest and make it into a fully functioning school Apothecary cabinet, where students can use the remedies when they need some extra support throughout their day.

One of my greatest passions is reconnecting with the earth and plants.  I believe the earth is full of healing for us humans. Plants teach us a lot about how to be healthy and happy if we learn how to work with it. There are thousands of herbs and plants that help us live with more ease, especially, when things get rough.

We will be making essential oil and plant based sprays, balms and salves in this class.

We will also be organizing what we already have and labeling and researching the remedies that we have and will be making.  

This will be a hands on intro class to understanding natural remedies and how they can support us in our daily lives. We’ll be focusing on plants that support anxiety, headaches, nausea, cramps and otherwise challenging feelings.

So, are you interested in learning more about natural remedies?!

Do you want to make some lovely products for yourself and/or others?

Do you want to take some field trips to apothecaries and natural healing places in Seattle?! 

Wear something you don’t mind getting oil on, or bring an apron. You’ll get to take home a bit of what we make in class!

Beginning Band (Liana)

Interested in learning an instrument but unsure where to start? Have an interest in adding an additional instrument to your toolbox? Used to play, but haven’t in a long time? Just starting out and looking for some additional experience? This is a great place to jump in!

I’ll probably run it elementary band style, with everyone learning similar things alongside each other and playing as part of a larger full ensemble. We’ll have breakout sessions for sections, as well as some individual practice time built into our days.

If you need help procuring an instrument, let me know — I can probably help!

In addition to playing, we’ll do other music-related things: music theory, listening, and perhaps some musical documentary/movie watching.

Required texts/materials: You will need a mechanical pencil/eraser, computer/headphones, and an instrument for the week.

Chamber Music (Liana)

What is it? Wikipedia says:

“Most broadly, chamber music includes anything that is performed by a small number of performers with one performer to a part… Because of its intimate nature, chamber music has been described as “the music of friends”… Playing chamber music requires special skills, both musical and social, that differ from the skills required for playing solo or in larger ensembles.”

Traditionally, chamber ensembles play western classical music: Mozart, Beethoven… Dead white guys. That stuff is fun, challenging and beautiful — we’ll definitely do some of it! In the past few decades, chamber ensembles have also been blurring the lines and modernizing.

This intensive will have you working collaboratively in a variety of small groups. It’s not easy — this is definitely a form of “hard music”. That said, I can find/make arrangements for people at most levels of experience. You’ll have to bring your best work ethic as each ensemble will rely on every member working hard to deliver their individual parts. Perhaps we’ll even try writing some of our own chamber music!

This intensive is open to anyone who knows their way around their instrument, can read at least a little bit of music and/or tab, and is ready to work hard. String players: if we get most of you, we can try out a PSCS string quartet! Pianists and non-traditional “rock” instruments (ukulele, harp, etc.) are especially encouraged to join in the fun! If we can put together a vocal ensemble, that’d also be a really great workout for singers. Chamber music is awesome because it can accommodate most any instrument!

As always, we will also engage in some music theory, listening, musical documentary/movie watching, etc. Please come talk to me if you are interested but unsure.

Required texts/materials: You'll need a mechanical pencil/eraser, computer/headphones, your instrument and your music all week.