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BeatCraft (Brandon Bermudez)

This class is focused on learning and applying music theory ideas, including reading and writing, analysis, and production. Students in this class will get a better understanding of how harmony, rhythm, and melody work together to create songs. This term’s iteration of this class will have a heavier focus on rhythm. Open to all grades. Computer and headphones required. Some homework will be required.

Third Unnamed Band (Brandon Bermudez)

This was a request from Ollie to start a new, beginner-friendly performance band. If you’ve spoken with Ollie about this project, please sign up!

Basaso (Brandon Bermudez)

Intermediate performance band.

If you’re not currently in this band and are interested in joining, please talk to Brandon before signing up.

Casual Ghost Party (Brandon Bermudez)

Advanced performance band.


Closed band.