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We, the people! (Sam)

Behold, the power of a good idea!

In this class, we going to dive deep into what has gone into creating this republic we called the United States. There are many parts of our federal, state, county and city government that move to keep our country moving and active. We will explore many topics and ideas around systems of government, leadership and how you can make a difference in many aspects of your life. There will be readings, conversations, research and work centered around how to be effective in being a well-spoken young person and a positive influencer in society.

Art & Aesthetics (Sam) (BLOCK)

This is a block class.

This is a mega class.

One of the many forms of expression, Art, is expressed in so many mediums. In this class, I want to explore the idea of what makes something art. How do we look at different pieces and express the deeper meaning behind them? We will study the people who have made huge influences and current artists who are stretching the medium into many different directions. Let get into great conversations about the things we experience and do some creating of our own while pushing ourselves to build new skills!

Required texts/materials: Drawing journal, pencil/pen and coloring pencils. Students will be responsible for obtaining their own texts/materials. Materials should be procured by: 9/20/19

Biology (Sam)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

Biology: “bio-” = life and “-ology” = study of

In other words, it is a branch of knowledge that deals with living organisms and vital processes. Themes that we will be studying in this course include scientific skills, cellular processes, biochemistry, genetics, natural selection, ecology, human body systems, and the social implications of science on society.

World Geography (Year long) (Sam)

This course will be exploring how the physical features of the earth, population settlement patterns, human activities, customs, and traditions contribute to defining a place, a culture, and people. The course examines how the land, features, people, and cultures of the world affect the social, political, and economic character of nations and regions.

History of Music (Rock Edition) (Sam) (BLOCK)

This is a block class.

This is a mega class.

Music! The songs and sounds that bring us all together. We will discuss the roots of rock music and how this style has changed over the years.   We will listen to music from this amazing genre, analyze sounds, dissect lyrics and dive deep into how this musical style has changed throughout time.


Digital Music (Sam)

Introduction for beginners.

Music and technology have really become a common theme when it comes to music creation and production. Today, it’s become more accessible to open up a laptop (or a home computer) and create music without having to go to a studio. We have the opportunity to explore how this style has really more into the forefront of music today. This class will be using a basic web-based browser software that will allow you to begin to explore how to create music.

Required texts/materials: You need to have a computer that can run specific music software. Also, you must have your own headphones.

Poetry (Sam)

Creative thought expressed through the written word. In this class, we will experiment, play with words, ideas and the devices people use to make poems. We will also do some readings and exploration of poets who have been influential in their time and now. Let’s explore how poetry impacts our society both in America and abroad through different styles, subject matters and how poems shape our lives as a whole.

Electronic Music Collective (EMC) (Sam)

An exploration of composition, production, and keyboard musicianship through the use of electronic musical instruments, computers, and a variety of compositional, production, and instructional software. Students develop increased fluency in sound creation, listening, and musical mindset. (Teacher approved)

Required materials: You need to have a computer that can run specific music software. Also, you must have your own headphones.