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Duolingo (Val)

Break down communication barriers by learning a world language. Which communities do YOU want to interact with a little more? Choose a language in the free Duolingo app, work at your own pace to earn your language credit, and report your weekly progress to Val!

2023 PSCS Yearbook (Yearlong) (Sieglinde)

Hope to work with a motivated group of 5-10 students who want to spend time this year learning how work together as a team, to collect photos and create a repository, and then, ultimately in Spring Term, pull it all together into a book. I’ll work with you on using the Adobe Suite, taking photos, and creating a school yearbook that represents all of us, captures our memories, and has a cohesive feel. We’ll start off slow in Fall Term (CID Guidebook?!), move into more work in Winter, then we’ll need everyone to get real busy in Spring.

We’ll need

1-2 editors

2-3 Photographers

2-3 Layout Managers