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Hindi Culture and Language (Wasfee)

This class is an introduction to Hindi language and South Asian culture. Wasfee will be back to teach another year of Hindi!

Cognitive Psychology & Neurodiversity  (Cherrise)

In this class we will explore and examine cognitive psychology which is the study of how humans perceive the world and navigate in it (problem solving, attention, decision making, and perception). We will also be talking in depth about neurodiversity, the challenges, strengths, societal structures that influence the lives of neurodivergent individuals.

Theater with Maggie! (Maggie)

This class will consist of theater games and fun, while also working on a performance if we get enough interest.

Python (Eric)

My goal is to teach fundamental programming skills to students with some familiarity with programming using the language Python with the pyGame library. It is not necessary to know Python if you have done some programming already and if you are very motivated, but are nervous about being a beginning programmer, we can make that work too, but you might need to work a little extra at home for the first few weeks.

I find Python (especially with the free PyCharm IDE from JetBrains) to be a good way to learn programming. Programming computers can be fun, but it can take a lot of practice to become fluent (just like everything else!) Writing programs that are colorful, graphical, and fun is a good way to improve your programming ability.

Some topics we can explore with pyGame include: games, fractals, and simulations. After you take this class, you should have a better understanding about how computer programs work and can create a simple python program with graphics.

Chinese 1 (Jeremy and Kathy)

  Chinese 1 at PSCS, in partnership with the Village Teacher, is more than just language learning, it is learning how to acquire a language. In this course, students receive classroom instruction and real world
  practicum in both language and intercultural competency. In this course students will:
– Learn to acquire not only Mandarin but other languages through the use of TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling), Comprehensible Input, a basic understanding of the cognitive
  science of second language acquisition, and most importantly by using the language with members of the Chinese community here in Seattle.
– Receive three hours weekly of reading, writing, speaking, and listening instruction in Mandarin Chinese. Instructional themes and daily topics are based on the daily lives of our students and community
  members here in Chinatown-International District. Students will be imparted with self-directed, home learning routines and resources that they can use throughout the year. Instructional time together is all
  about building routines, dispositions, and mindsets that students use in their daily lives outside of our time together. Language habits and language proficiency go hand-in-hand.
–  Students will use Mandarin Chinese reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills to engage with Seattle’s Chinatown-International District communities.
– Each student will receive a paid subscription to a graded reader app and website as well as a tool kit and database of print and digital Mandarin language learning resources as part of this course.

Intro to Piano (Brandon)

This is a beginner-friendly class for folks interested in learning how to play the piano.Students will learn the fundamentals of music and how to apply those fundamentals to this fun and very accessible instrument!

Students will analyze techniques, melodies, chords, and harmonies to understand how it all is performed to the piano.

Students will both learn famous songs and create their own simple songs and are encouraged (but not required) to share them with the community.


ABBCs/Casual Ghost Party (brandon)

A continuation of the advanced band.

BASASO (Brandon)

A continuation of the intermediate band.

Work it Out! (Valerie)

Twice a week we will meet and move! What you do will be up to YOU. Is there an exercise you have built a habit around and want to practice more? Or, one that you love and are trying to maintain as a weekly habit? Excellent! That is what you will explore this term.  


Each of us will set a growth goal for the term and develop a plan to help us move toward that goal this term. 


This class was inspired by my own positive (+) experience with movement in a community setting AND by my choice of The Success of Failure as my math project. 

  • Val’s Goal: Improve my 1 rep max Deadlift and Power Clean
  • Val’s Plan: The failure of a 1 rep max attempt is what helps me determine my ceiling for lifting. The approximate time between testing for a 1RM is 3 months. This term I will work on skill-building and conditioning by employing functional fitness programming from a trusted source. I will keep track of all workouts and skill-building work this term and analyze the effectiveness of this training (and more) on my ability to increase my 1 RM (tested at the beginning and end of Winter Term).

What’s your plan?

Please note: You should have parent/guardian permission to participate. I will be coaching you on safety, form, and goal setting. I will not be teaching you foundational elements of the exercise or developing your exercise plan.


Fluoride (Brandon)

A continuation of the beginner band.